Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a growing part of what the Web SWOT Team offers.  Far too often designers optimize the look and function of the site.  Beautiful sites are not always well accepted or recognized by search engines.  Tons of flash or specialty scripts can actually hinder search engine success. 

We start with the basics and get more complex as needed by the client.  You may think you have to pay for clicks to get traffic to your site.  This is not always true.  It can be true in very competitive markets, but there are also other ways.  Use of social media with rapidly changing but archived content that is key word rich can do wonders to get your site found.

If you see a site where the page title is Home Page, that is a problem and we can help.

Simple and proper placement of keywords and meta language is often all that is needed to get the desired traffic.  It is also important to remember that raw traffic does not turn into dollars.  Focused traffic from both web based optimization paired with good, sound traditional marketing materials and campaigns can generate true revenue and not just traffic.  We partner with Green Light Marketing to help you achieve a real plan.  I quote Tracy Polansky, owner of Green Light Marketing...
"Hope is not a strategy!"